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For a new Group Wise Administrator, the prospect of upgrading the Group Wise system can be a bit daunting.Of course, even those of us who have done hundreds of upgrades run into issues occasionally.ACEDOM Status | Configuration | Environment | Log Files | Scheduled Events | MTP Status | Help Loaded Module Data Report Date: 3-20-2013 at Server Configuration Server ACEMAIN1 Company Novell OS Revision Net Ware 5.60.05 OS Date May 27, 2004 Supported Connections 47 Connections in Use 0 Receive Buffer Max 10000 (Recommended 2500) Module Information Group Wise Engine (release version) GWENN4.NLM Version 6.05 a Memory Allocated 10800 Build Date 7-10-2003 Group Wise Internet Agent (release version) GWIA.Make sure the location specified by the /home startup switch is currently available to the POA.If the post office is located on a different server from where the POA will run, preparations for the connection between the POA and the post office are required: If you are using the /language startup switch to run the POA in a particular language, the corresponding language files must be installed for the POA to run in that language.

Having users timed out does not indicate a problem with the POA, but rather a problem with users.It is the planning that is of the utmost importance during any software deployment.Even with the simplest of upgrades planning is critical for success.Timed out users might not be exiting Group Wise normally or might be having other problems with their workstations.The number of timed-out users might tend to increase on a daily basis during the hour after users leave to go home. Undeliverable users are counted differently from undeliverable messages.

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