Sports psychology dating an athlete

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Sports psychology dating an athlete

There are many additional authorities available worldwide.

EDITORS' NOTE APPENDED Female athletes and their parents are complaining in increasing numbers about sexual abuse and harassment from male coaches, prompting the coaches themselves to examine their own roles in a very delicate power relationship.Athletes in endurance sports face psychological 'stressors' that are specific to their particular sport.For example, channel swimmers have reported psychological stressors including feelings of loneliness and anxieties surrounding the duration of the swim.Body language is also a key indicator, according to a leading sports psychologist.“What separates the good from the great is between the ears, the way they talk to themselves, their inside communication,” said Sorel native Sylvain Guimond, a doctor of sports psychology and expert in biomechanics.

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“If they talk to themselves with a lot of respect, their self image and esteem is higher.

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